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Why Authentic Strides? 

There are times when we feel stuck, bored, blocked by pain, powerless or purposeless. These places present unique opportunities for greater clarity, growth and change for the better. By choosing to express—rather than suppress—your thoughts, feelings and emotions, you can claim the wonderful, beneficial insights they contain.

Authentic Strides provides a safe, experiential environment where you can open yourself to fresh, new perspectives and powerful breakthroughs. In these moments, the love feels warmer, the laughter is deeper, the connection is stronger and your awareness expands. This is the key to living a life you love–one in which you feel happy, successful and fully expressed. Using Equine Gestalt Coaching Method (EGCM) we help you discover the power and benefits of working on internal processes. We bring awareness to factors that influence decision making—core values, past hurts, limiting beliefs and behaviors that prevent you from moving forward—so you’re able to affect visible, positive changes in your life.


Why Horses?

Have you ever wondered why people who are around horses always seem so happy? Humans and horses have shared a profound connection for millennia. In recent years, horses have become recognized for their ability to help humans in ways never considered possible. Did you know a horse’s heart can project a magnetic field up to 50 feet from their body? Or that just the physical presence of a horse can bring your body into alignment with a happier state of being?

Many people find themselves releasing stress, becoming more relaxed, and increasing mindfulness when around horses. Horses are aware of and sensitive to everything in their environment. They have an innate ability to help us heal by bringing us into the present moment so we can become aware of the source of our blocks, challenges and truth. In this way, they hold a grounded space offering unconditional support so that we can safely explore ourselves. No horse experience is necessary to enjoy these benefits.

The EGCMethod works! In a recent research study, 96% of respondents indicated that they felt better about themselves after their horse coaching session and that they would participate in another EGCMethod session!

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“Horses lend us the wings we lack.” -Unknown