Meet Joanie Mankus

Joanie Mankus is a professional Gestaltist who partners with horses to support individuals going through subtle or significant life transitions. Whether an individual is experiencing challenges related to family, relationships, career, or health issues, Joanie’s professional coaching leads clients to regain a clearer sense of their wholeness, purpose and passion for living a fully expressed life.

As a LCSW for nearly 10 years, Joanie counseled teens, families and adults with a variety of life narratives including marital struggles and divorce; children of dysfunctional families; teen pregnancy; addiction; and trauma. She was on the crisis team at the Columbine high school tragedy. Through these experiences, Joanie saw firsthand how the neglected inner human condition can manifest itself in the world in negative ways. Deep introspection and self-study led her to examine the patterns, limited beliefs and behaviors that prevent people from moving forward in their lives with joy

Joanie is proud to serve as the Program Director of Hope Held by a Horse which supports women recovering from breast cancer. She also serves as Director and Secretary for Hope Through Horses, an organization dedicated to providing funding for individuals committed to and involved in improving lives through the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method. She established her own fulfilling private practice called Authentic Strides in 2018. Joanie holds a Masters in Social Work from St. Louis University and is a Certified Master Equine Gestalt Coach.

“The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horse’s ears.” -Arabian Proverb