Upcoming Events

Heal the Healer Retreat — Release and Recharge

September 27-October 1 | Salida, CO | $2997 until July 15

Join Joanie Mankus and Katie Hutsel for a 5-day retreat in the heart of Colorado’s natural beauty, where you can release, recharge, and reconnect with yourself and nature. With the guidance of horses and daily sound healing sessions, you will gain clarity and balance in your life.

You’re going to walk away from this retreat with:

  • A renewed dedication to nourish your mind, body, and soul.
  • Techniques to limit burnout and live a more balanced life.
  • Uncovered energy leaks and tools to heal them.
  • A clear understanding of your decision-making process and the belief systems behind it.
  • The knowledge to make decisions that move you toward joy instead of away from pain.
  • A confident connection with your inner guidance system.
  • An opportunity to invest in your own well-being and connect with others!

Find My Freedom
Girls + Horses Empowerment
Workshop For Teen Girls

THREE DAY EVENT: Dates To Be Announced

9-12:30 pm each day for 3 days | Investment $200

Joanie Mankus of Authentic Strides and Lisa Lojacono of Calling Harmony are proud to present a three day workshop for girls ages 12-16.

The goals and outcomes of this workshop are to:
Clarify, define and identify stressors affecting teenage girls;
Understanding the physiological effects of thoughts and behaviors;
Normalize uncomfortable emotions;
Empower with tools and strategies and the knowledge that they have the ability to support themselves;
Create a personalized booklet of techniques and strategies that will serve as an ongoing reference tool.

For more information, or to reserve your daughters spot, please contact Joanie or Lisa.

Your $200 investment includes instructions, materials, and snacks. Space is limited.

“My 12 year old daughter thoroughly enjoyed her “Find your Freedom” experience. The program gave her a safe environment to explore and discover valuable social insights which ultimately lead to significant growth in her self-confidence. She gained life skills that she will continue to utilize throughout middle school and beyond. This was a fantastic program that we would highly recommend to any teen girl!” — Melissa

Authentically You! 

Are you creating your own life? Or are you just reacting tocircumstances?
Coming Soon! Dates TBA
(Our April 27th date was postponed.)
Five Star Salt Caves & Wellness Center
722 S Pearl Street, Denver, Colorado
Investment: $140

Spend a day with your authentic self and two amazing guides who will help you fully understand where you are, where you want to go, and how to get from here to there! Explore what drives 95% of your every-day decision making process. Learn how to shift your focus from reaction to creation. Expand your understanding of your values and how they affect your motivations PLUS learn what loving source energy has to offer you now and in the future. Express your authentic truth in a way that will make a difference in how you love yourself, your life, your relationships, and the joy of being you!

Join Joanie Mankus, EGCMethodLife Coach and Norma Mitchell, Spiritual Counselor & Channel for an amazing event at 5 Star Salt Caves!

You will …
• Gain clear knowledge of what blocks your ability to create your best life.
• Connect with your Universal Energy and Authentic Self through channel Norma Mitchell.
• Find healing & clearing during a deep meditation in the cleansingenergy of the salt cave.

Lunch for this event is on your own. There is a lovely cafe very close to the Salt Caves.

“After attending the Authentic Strides women’s retreat, all I can say is WOW! During the weekend, I was inspired, challenged and supported, walking away with the feeling of having been truly understood. Invest the time and energy in yourself and attend one of these retreats! Your return will be a new lens through which you view your precious self.” —Jen S. (attended  Women’s Mountain Retreat workshop in 2018)

Women’s Exploration Group

Wednesday CALL FOR DETAILS 303.887.7462
9:15 to 11 am | Investment $10
Learn to unbridle your authentic self-expression in this unique and uplifting group format! Come as an observer or bring a life challenge, there is a benefit for all. No reservation required.