What Clients Are Saying

It was magical!

My work with Patches was, well, amazing. Sure I was still scared, but in the moments when he came close I felt cared for, heard, seen and healed. There were moments when I wanted to just melt into him. I haven’t felt that in wayyyyyy to long. It was magical.

C., Colorado

Simply, Amazing! Magical!

I had tried Cognitive Behavioral Therapy before over the years with moderate success; but I have never been able to completely resolve any of my issues! I had read about Equine Assisted Therapy and thought I would give it a try. I am so thankful that I did! Working with Joanie, Patches and Luna at Authentic Strides has made a tremendous difference to me! Simultaneously, they are kind, loving, supportive, gentle, spiritual and intuitive! Together, Joanie, Patches and Luna have helped me realize and release, once and for all, some old, emotional wounds that were stuck in my body, for which I am truly grateful! I look forward to my continued work with Joanie, Patches and Luna! Each session has been amazing and wonderful!

Margery, CO

Joanie and her horses have been insrumental in myhealing process after long-denied sexual assault, and have helped me better understand who I am as an individual and my place in this world. I would absolutely recommend her and praise the work she’s done to help me be a stronger version of myself.

Monica, CO

Growing up in an imperfect family like many of us, I came  to adulthood with my share of emotional baggage and some depression.  I have actively tried to work on these issues for decades. Sitting in a therapists office and talking  allowed me to understand what had happened to me and why I felt as I did. I learned to control some of my negative thoughts, but I never totally expressed all of the stifling emotions –  anger, fear, sadness, abandonment. The miracle of Joanie is her ability to kindly, lovingly and professionally coax out all of my negative emotions. She and Patches help to get me out of head and into my heart. I have left her presence with dried tears rolling down my face and a large weight lifted from my shoulders. She and Patches interactive, truthful and straight-forward manner of delving into previously forbidden  and scary topics have brought me closer to my own truth. With Joanie, I hope to continue my work towards truth and peace.
Jennifer, CO

If you have any uncertainty, pain, lack of clarity in your life, go see Joanie! She is incredible in this work. She is full of grace, truth, clairvoyance, and wisdom that allows her the ability to discern the innermost turbulence of the heart.
Carly, Boseman, MT

Joanie is spot on and kind, yet direct. Joanie allowed me to speak freely and feel safe while doing it.

Angelina, Parker, CO

Joanie has an amazing ability to be present and hold space for her clients. She totally loving and non-judgmental. I witnessed beautiful caring way of connecting a client to their inner child in order to bring them inner peace and awareness of their value.
Julie, CO

Joanie has warmth and compassion as a coach. Her soothing approach allows a client to feel into the work they face and go deep, coming out the other side with awareness. She has a genuine desire to bring healing and love.
Lehha, ND

A very proficient, confident, loving guide. Joanie knows how to work well with you and hold a wonderful genuine presence.
Debbie M, MT

Joanie’s poise and confidence gives her coaching a soft subtle approach allowing clients to authentically move through their personal work.
Matt S, KS

Joanie immediately created safety and I felt comfortable enough to revisit an important childhood wound. I was able to release tears and return to a sense of gratitude. Joanie possesses an extraordinary gift of compassion and is seated in her heart.
Kirsten, NY

She was so gentle and had a way of calming me in a process that brought up personal stuff I wasn’t prepared for — great job, Joanie!!
Lisa W, CO

I am so grateful for Luna. Under the guidance of Joanie it was obvious that Luna was aligned and deeply in touch with healing. After only a few months of my mothers passing, I could not see my way out of grief and the cycle for me was only deepening. Joanie suggested I spend some time with Luna. As I answered some guided questions Luna never left my side. If anything she brought my awareness to her feminine majestic strength. She rooted my energy and helped me feel protected through my process. In the moment, I realized all things will pass, including me and my family and friends. And even Luna. She kept reinforcing that we were not meant to live afraid of that knowledge. After that day with her, I started a new day and felt more prepared of the future and invigorated to reignite the spark of joy.
Cynthia, CO

After attending the Authentic Strides womens’ retreat, all I can say is WOW!  During the weekend, I was inspired, challenged and supported, walking away with the feeling of having been truly understood. Joanie is a highly effective facilitator, combining her training and skills with her empathic natural giftedness to guide women to dive deeper into themselves and manifest their best lives (dreams).  She works with such grace and purpose, that one feels connected to the divine through her. Invest the time and energy in yourself and attend one of Joanie’s retreats!  Your return will be a new lens through which you view your precious self.