Meet the Horses

Authentic Strides has two incredible equine partners, Luna and Patches. The trusted bond they formed with Joanie, has allowed them to express their innate gifts working with and healing humans. She feels it’s an honor to work with these horses and for them to be seen as the incredible animals they are.

As with all of nature, horses’ presence connects people more deeply to their truths. And because horses have been human companions for millennia, they are especially profound as lenses for seeing life from a new perspective. No horse experience is necessary to experience these benefits.


Benny is a 2003 17hand warmblood that spent most of his life in a show ring helping young girls learn how to remember courses, count strides, and jump fences. He was patient, forgiving and so very willing. He often would correct their mistakes without them missing a beat. His riders became confident thru his gentle and consistent nudges to connect with him. He definitely was a master teacher.  He has been in our family for 7 years and joined my healing team two years ago after his retirement as a show horse. Benny has moved into this work beautifully and bring his gentle nudges, wisdom and strength to clients.


Luna is a quarter horse thoroughbred mix Joanie adopted when Luna was four and quite sick. After nursing her back to health and gentling her fears, she assisted Joanie’s middle daughter through her early riding years, and now is her most trusted trail horse and partner. Luna is Joanie’s reason for stepping into this journey of true self discovery.

“I’m so grateful for Luna. Under Joanie’s guidance, it was obvious Luna was aligned and deeply in touch with healing. After only a few months of my mother’s passing, I couldn’t see my way out of my deep grief. Joanie suggested I spend some time with Luna. As I answered guided questions, Luna never left my side. If anything, she brought my awareness to her feminine majestic strength. She rooted my energy and helped me feel protected. In that moment, I realized all things will pass, including me, my family and friends, even Luna. She reinforced that we were not meant to live afraid of that knowledge. After that day with her, I felt more prepared for the future and invigorated to reignite the spark of joy in my life.”
Cynthia, CO


Patches is black, white and beautiful. Patches was adopted six years ago and had also been experiencing some neglect. His feet, teeth, weight and coat needed attention. He’s been Joanie’s youngest daughter’s best friend since the day he arrived. He assisted her in her early years of learning riding, and has always taken care of her. Patches is now Joanie’s heart-horse partner in this work. He is gentle and loving to everyone and supportive of all who choose to step into their authentic selves.

The miracle of Joanie is her ability to kindly, lovingly and professionally coax out all of my negative emotions.   She and Patches help to get me out of head and into my heart.   I have left her presence with dried tears rolling down my face and a large weight lifted from my shoulders.  She and Patches interactive, truthful and straight-forward manner of delving into previously forbidden  and scary topics have brought me closer to my own truth.  With Joanie, I hope to continue my work towards truth and peace.
Jennifer, CO

“Wherever man has left his footprint in the long ascent from barbarism to civilization we will find the hoofprint of the horse beside it.” –John Moore