For many, summer has been a time to be fully immersed in the outdoorsy activities you love with people you love. This time of year can also present great opportunities to spend time alone with yourself–in nature or anywhere–deliberately practicing self-love.

We say “deliberately practice” because much like learning to play an instrument, swing a golf club, or teach yourself in a new language, it takes consistent effort and repetition to train your brain. And for many, self-love is a new skill.

How do you know if your practice is paying off? Just as you develop an ability to coax beautiful music from a piano, or send a golf ball in an intended direction, or comprehend a conversation in a foreign country, both time and effort are required. Signs indicating your self-love practice is getting stronger include:

You become attuned to the need for more self-love in your life
You identify specific things–moments and mantra–that speak to you and lift you up
You begin a daily habit–time in the morning before your feet hit the floor, something inspiring you read or listen to, or a combination of things that help you feel a connection to you… that help you feel good… on a regular basis.
You catch yourself having affirmative, self-love conversations with yourself
You begin looking forward to this important time each day and notice it showing up more and more throughout your day
You feel more energized and inspired to live, discover your purpose, and help others
You feel less affected by the opinions of others–you are made of stardust, after all and your confidence shows
You feel better here, stronger there, and generally more loving and toward yourself more often!

With lots of love,

May’s Love Step
When we apply ourselves in deliberate ways, we improve. We get better. We feel better. This is true of anything we commit to with our whole selves–body, mind, and spirit. Connecting to our inner worlds in a deliberate way is an investment with exciting and sometimes unexpected payoffs. They may seem nonexistent or challenging at first. But with practice, self-love transforms our heart and head spaces, and then it changes how we see and experience the world… Is there any greater incentive?

Additional Ways to Step into Love This Year While this email series serves as an educational stepping-stone into deepening the love you have for yourself, I offer other services to support you in your own unique journey to self-love and what it means for you. For continued guidance, you can purchase a course of customized mediations I’ll be leading with a dear friend that will help you dig deeper into the subconsciousness belief systems. Email me at to sign up or get more information. As you move through this process, I can also support you on a more personalized and one-on-one basis through the power of Equine Gestalt Coaching. Gestalt sessions with or without the horses are both available to you. To explore if this is the right step for you, please visit my website or get in touch at the email I provided above.